Where We Fish

Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

The Finest in Spring
Trout & Salmon Charter Fishing


April 15-30
Starting in April as warming temperatures begin on Lake Michigan’s western shores, Large numbers of Cohos and Steelhead begin on the hunt for schooling alewives. This is clearly the best time of year, if catching lots of salmon is up your alley!  You will have to book early if “Catching Limits” of Coho and Steelhead are what you want. In addition to fun, these are the best eating fish of the season!
May 1-31
This is simply the best time and place for “Fun Fishing” as all species of Trout and Salmon are active and concentrated close to shore. We should experience nearly a 100% success ratio here on “Limit Catches” again. Book early as this will fill fast!

Click here for the Winthrop Harbor marina map

Algoma, Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s #1 Port
Trout & Salmon Charter Fishing

May 20-July 15
This is on of our most consistent fishing periods of the season. This is an excellent time for all types and sizes of Trout and Salmon.We see large King Salmon in addition to excellent mixed bag catches.
July 16 – August 31
The Chinook Salmon have grown a little larger and by the end of August and are getting ready to enter the streams to spawn. We continue to experience excellent catches of Chinook Salmon and Brown Trout in addition to the ever popular Steelhead trout fishing.
September 1 – October 15
September normally offers the best chance for a very large Chinook Salmon as they are at their peak size. They are now available in shallow water. We also take some nice catches of Steelhead and Salmon late in September and into October.

Click here for the Algoma marina map